5 Common Causes of Baby Constipation

5 Common Causes of Baby Constipation

1. Dairy

If your baby has a dairy allergy or intolerance they could end up getting constipated from milk based formula or dairy in mom’s diet. If you suspect a dairy allergy or intolerance is responsible for baby’s constipation consult your pediatrician.

2. Starting Solids

Changes in baby’s diet can cause constipation. When baby starts solids too much of one type of food, especially too much rice cereal, can back them up.

3. Formula

Breastmilk usually contains the right mix of fat and protein for baby, for some formula fed babies the protein in the formula could cause constipation. Consider switching formulas and talking to your pediatrician about your concerns.

4. Dehydration

If baby gets dehydrated the result can be hard stools which are difficult to pass.

5. Illness

Although uncommon, baby’s constipation can be caused by an underlying medical condition. If there seems to be no other reason for baby’s constipation or you are concerned talk to your baby’s doctor.

To relieve constipation you can try juices (in older babies) or a natural supplement like Mommy’s Bliss Constipation Ease.

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