5 Easy Ways to Bond with Baby

5 Easy Ways to Bond with Baby
Bonding with baby is one of the best parts of being a new mama, here are some easy ways you can bond with baby every day.
1. Cuddle Time
Spend some time just cuddling with baby. Make eye contact and if possible try some skin to skin time. Strip baby down to their diaper and place them directly on your bare chest and cover their back with a blanket.
2. Eye Contact During Mealtime
Whether you are nursing or bottle feeding try to make eye contact with baby while they are eating.
Baby laughing while mom kisses them3. Sing a Song
Make a playlist of your favorite songs or pick a few favorite nursery rhymes and sing them to baby, after a while baby may even try to join in on the sing-a-long!
4. Look in the Mirror Together
As baby gets older and more alert look in the mirror together, a great way for them to become more self aware.
5. Get Silly
Make a silly face, silly sound, or anything else to get baby smiling and laughing. This is another great way to make eye to eye contact.
Just remember one of the most important things when bonding with baby is to focus on you and baby and let everything else go, one easy way to do this is to have a special place at home where you and baby can have some alone time.

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