This year is all about playing. I know this isn’t something you often hear from the President of a company, but it’s true. I feel like our company is in a space where we can play with our products, play with our customers, and play within the industry. More importantly, we are hearing the very nature and benefits of our products subsequently gives moms more time to play and bond with their children.  This bliss is exactly what keeps our company moving forward.


We all know it takes good health and well being to play, but as the President of Mommy’s Bliss I also find it takes courage. Letting ourselves (both as moms and professionals) explore, take risks, and make mistakes is when life becomes vibrant. And for me, Mommy’s Bliss has never been more vibrant. From the energy of our staff to the rapid growth of our products, we are blossoming.


The playfulness theme was so apparent at Expo West this year, which is an annual natural products show in Southern California.  It’s where those of us who are passionate about natural products spend three full days tasting, smelling, touching, and learning about where innovation lies within the natural products industry. Not to mention it is three days a year when I consume the most amount of Gripe Water, due to my consumption of lots of delicious foods and drinks!  This year was especially playful in that companies had music playing and wore silly costumes; there were eye-catching booths and display; marketing materials and samples galore. Plus, where else can you find a kale-infused vodka tonic?!


I realized not only is the economy making strides upward but people have their smiles and mojo back in their step along with a revived motivation to make things happen. Mommy’s Bliss is grateful to feel this and I’m hopeful that our playfulness will shine through to you and your families this year.