At Home Tips to Ease Constipation in Babies

At Home Tips to Ease Constipation in Babies

Unhappy toddler crawling on grassSmall changes to baby’s diet and routine can lead to occasional constipation, this can happen when you introduce new foods, new formula or break their normal routine. If you think that baby may be constipated here are some things you can do at home to bring baby relief:

  • Baby constipation ease is a safe and effective way to alleviate occasional constipation in baby.
  • Some foods and juices like pear, apple and prune have a laxative effect and can help to relieve minor constipation.
  • Gentle stomach massage and bicycling baby’s legs can help to get things ‘moving,’ try after a warm bath.
  • If you are formula feeding baby consider switching to a different formula that might be gentler on baby’s system.

Not sure if baby is constipated?¬†While the complete absence of bowel movements can be an indicator of constipation so can stools that are hard or difficult to pass. If baby’s stool is small and pebble like or they are really straining to pass stools they may be constipated.

If you have any concerns or baby is not getting better contact baby’s doctor.

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