Does Baby Need Vitamins?

Does Baby Need Vitamins?

mom and newbornAfter a few months of parenthood you may find yourself wondering if baby should be taking vitamins. In recent years, rates of vitamin D deficiency have increased, likely due to lifestyle changes. Sunlight helps the body create vitamin D, but kids spend less time outdoors than they used to, and sunscreen blocks the production of vitamin D. The solution? A daily supplement.*

The American Academy of Pediatrics recommends that all infants and children get at least 400 IU of vitamin D daily. All Infant formula provides the suggested amount of Vitamin D as a legal requirement enforced by the FDA, but exclusively breastfed infants are at risk of a vitamin D deficiency. For babies, liquid supplements are a smart option. Mommy’s Bliss Vitamin D Organic Drops contain 400 IU per one-drop dose, and have no additives, chemicals, or artificial flavors.



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  1. Both mother and baby have darker skin and thus require more sun exposure to generate an adequate amount of vitamin D. Again, this is a “not enough sunlight” issue – the darker your skin pigmentation, the greater the amount of sun exposure needed. There is not much information available on how
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