How to Baby Proof Any Road Trip

How to Baby Proof Any Road Trip

Planning a summer road trip with baby? Here are some tips to help baby-proof the trip and make it a success:

  1. Sleeping baby buckled in car seatPack ahead the car ahead of time. If you are leaving in the morning pack the car the night before, this will allow you to be more organized and decrease the chance something is forgotten.
  2. Plan around sleep schedules. If possible try to plan your drive time around nap and bedtimes.
  3. Make sure the car seat is properly installed and your car is in good working condition with fluids topped off and tire pressure at the correct level.
  4. Bring a stockpile of soft toys and books. With babies and toddlers toys are likely to get thrown so keep the toys that you bring along soft. You will also want to bring extra’s and keep them within reach. Bubbles are also a great way to keep them entertained.
  5. First Aid Kit. Bring along a first aid kit filled with band aids, antibiotic cream, saline nose drops, bulb syringe, gripe water, thermometer, fever reducer and allergy medicine. It is also a great idea to toss some constipation ease* into the first aid bag as well, changes to diet and routine can cause constipation*. Mommy’s Bliss constipation ease* is a natural and effective way to ease occasional constipation*.
  6. Snacks. Bring along plenty of snacks, you may not want baby to eat in the car but they will great to have on hand when you arrive at your destination.
  7. Ziplock bags, bring along a box of Ziplock bags. These are perfect for dirty diapers, trash, dirty clothes and much more!
  8. Baby proofing. Bring along screw and adhesive free baby proofing items to make the house or hotel where you are staying baby safe.

What are some tips that have worked for you?

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