Baby Safety Month: Often Overlooked Safety Hazards

Baby Safety Month: Often Overlooked Safety Hazards

Keeping baby safe is one of our top priorities as parents. We spend a ton of time carefully selecting the products we will use and baby proofing our homes. In honor of Baby Safety Month we wanted to share some safety hazards that are often overlooked:


Try to keep all power cords out of baby’s reach (including phone chargers, chargers to baby toys, etc.) and put them up and away when not in use.


Something you don’t always think about as a safety hazard is clutter, loose change, loose batteries, small magnets, etc. are all choking hazards for baby. Try to keep these items safely out of baby’s reach.


Always keep the dishwasher clicked shut. The dishwasher presents a variety of safety risks. Baby can climb into the dishwasher and use to

*image by Molly Conner, Brand Ambassador

get access to the counter, can pull out sharp utensils like knives and gain access to dish detergent.


Small wastebaskets (usually in the bathroom) can be very inviting to a baby or toddler, be sure to keep trashcans in a locked cabinet so baby cannot get into it.

Furniture and TV’s That Aren’t Secured One of the biggest hazards for babies and toddlers is furniture and TVs that tip over, take a moment to walk around your house and make sure all TVs and furniture baby could potentially pull onto themselves is anchored to the wall.

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Often a favorite ‘toy’ for little ones on the go, doors can easily pinch tiny fingers. Try using a pinch guard to prevent doors from slamming and catching little fingers.

Always remember to be vigilant and keep an eye on baby, baby proofing is never 100%.

Hoping to baby proof before your little one is on the go, but not sure where to start? Invite over a friend with an older more active kiddo…you’ll learn very quickly what needs to be baby proofed and what doesn’t!

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