Baby Sleep Tips


Having trouble getting baby to sleep at night? Here are a few tips and tricks you can try.

Lay Baby in Crib When Drowsy:

Lay baby down in the crib right before they fall asleep, do it when they are drowsy and about to nod off. This will make it easier for baby to learn how to fall asleep on their own.

White Noise:

Your womb isn’t silent so sometimes when it is too quiet baby can have a tough time sleeping. A white noise machine or baby CD could do the trick.

Bedtime Routine:

Have a clear bedtime routine every night, that way baby will get used to the routine making the transition to sleep easier. Our Mommy’s Bliss all natural Sweet Slumber line is a great addition to your bedtime routine to help calm and soothe baby.

No Eye Contact:

When you go in for night feedings do not make eye contact, making eye contact will encourage your little one to wake up.

Gripe Water:

If you think your little one is having trouble getting to sleep because they are gassy try some gripe water to help with infant gas relief. Mommy’s Bliss all natural gripe water is a safe and effective all natural way to relieve gas pains.

All babies are different, try some of these tips and do what works best for your child. If you are worried that something more serious is going on with your baby be sure to contact your physician.