What Causes Infant Diarrhea

What Causes Infant Diarrhea

While it is normal for baby to have loose stools, if the stool has a watery consistency and is occurring more frequently it may be diarrhea. Your first question may be, why. Babies can get diarrhea for a variety of reasons including:

Crying baby upset in their cribVirus:

A virus can cause infant diarrhea, if you suspect a virus may be the reason for your baby’s diarrhea give your doctor a call.


Antibiotics wipe out the bad bacteria causing the infection, but they can also wipe out the good bacteria in your gut which can lead to digestive upset & diarrhea.

Once baby has diarrhea here are a few ways you can help:

  • Offer lots of liquids to keep baby hydrated, offer the breast or bottle more often.
  • Protect their bottoms, the frequent diaper changes are sure to be harsh on baby’s bottom. Make sure you have plenty of diaper cream on hand for the changes.

Be sure to call your doctor with any concerns.

Probiotics have living microorganisms that help support healthy immune function and may help keep baby healthy*.

Taking a probiotic supplement such as Mommy’s Bliss probiotic drops can help maintain the balance of good bacteria in baby’s bowels*. Mommy’s Bliss probiotic drops help your baby’s bowels stay healthy and regular*.

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