Can Probiotics Help with Tummy Troubles?

Can Probiotics Help with Tummy Troubles?

Fussy newborn baby cryingBaby having tummy troubles? Looking for an all natural way to bring them some relief? Probiotics seem to be the new hot product on the market that you can find marketed in many different forms, but can they help baby? Probiotics are ‘good for you’ bacteria that help to keep the gut healthy and help to maintain the balance of ‘good’ and ‘bad’ bacteria in the body. Here are some common tummy troubles that probiotics could help relieve:

  1. Upset Tummy and Diarrhea from Antibiotics: Probiotics are frequently taken with antibiotics to help restore the good bacteria in the gut that antibiotics destroy, this can help to keep the tummy troubles often associated with antibiotics use at bay.
  2. Colic: While the research is ongoing, early studies have shown that when babies are given probiotics in the first three months of life it can reduce bouts of colic.
  3. Constipation: Constipation can be caused by several factors including changes to diet and changes to routine, studies have shown that keeping the digestive tract healthy with a good amount of ‘good bacteria’ can help to prevent occasional bouts of constipation.

To gain the most benefits from probiotics it is best to take them daily, for more information on Mommy’s Bliss Baby Probiotics Drops please click here.



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