I am the mom of ALL boys, and so are Melissa Joan Hart, Molly Sims and Thea Andrews. We may not share the celebrity spotlight, but I’ll bet we could share a laugh or two about what it’s like to live in a house full of little boys. Between the wrestling, digging, running, screaming, climbing, sassy talk, jousting, tooting, jumping… it’s just different with little boys, and I’ll bet Melissa, Molly and Thea would agree.


It’s no surprise that these celeb moms and others love Mommy’s Bliss products. Melissa Joan Hart has used our gripe water for years, and she is now a fan of our Sweet Slumber line, as is Molly Sims. Thea Andrews recently discovered our new kids upset tummy and nausea product that works like a charm for her son Jack. It’s comforting to know that celeb moms and regular ol’ moms like me trust Mommy’s Bliss.


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