Colicky Baby? 4 Home Remedies

Colicky Baby? 4 Home Remedies

Crying baby upset in their cribIf your baby cries uncontrollably for at least 3 hours per day, for at least 3 days per week for at least 3 weeks they are likely suffering from colic. It is estimated that 40% of babies suffer from colic and it eventually goes away on its own. Doctors are not sure what causes colic, making it especially hard to treat. Here are 4 things you can do at home to help bring baby (and parents) some relief:

  • Gripe Water: Some theories suggest colic may be caused by gas or other stomach discomfort, if you suspect this might be a contributing factor in baby’s colic then gripe water may help bring them some relief.
  • Motion: Motion often helps to calm baby, try walking with or  rocking baby to comfort them. Car rides and vibrating (like from a bouncy seat) are also good.
  • Sound: Some babies like the constant hum of sound like that from a white noise machine, vacuum cleaner or dryer.
  • Calm Baby’s Senses: Calm baby’s senses with a warm bath, gentle massage and/or swaddling them.

Call your baby’s doctor if you have any concerns.

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  1. Thank You for this informative article. I have been looking around for a full detailed article about Colic in Babies and how to cure it at home and this one is one of the best I found so far.

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