Combating Fussiness at Night

Combating Fussiness at Night

Sleeping baby laying in cribDoes it seem like baby gets extra fussy in the evening? Here are some ways you can try to soothe baby. 

1. A little one on one time. 

Some babies get fussy in the evening because they are getting less attention, try setting aside some time to spend with baby in the evening. This could be bath time or wearing baby while you perform some of your other tasks in the evening. 

2. Massage.

Baby could be fussy from over stimulation or tummy troubles, a good way to both relax baby and ease some of their stomach discomfort is to give them a gentle massage. 

3. Burp Baby

If you think gas could be the culprit, be sure to burp baby after every feeding. Mommy’s Bliss gripe water is also a good way to help relieve discomfort from gas and colic. 

4. Change Your Diet

If you think baby is fussy from gas or colic start to keep a food diary, see if there are any foods that you eat that seem to make baby fussier than usual consider cutting them out of your diet. 

5. Feed them.

Some babies who nurse will ‘cluster feed’ at night is mom’s milk supply is lower at night.

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