Establishing a Bedtime Routine for Baby

Not sure if you want to establish a bed time routine for baby? A bedtime routine can help you and baby unwind from the day and calm baby down for bed. It is also a great way to spend some one on one bonding time with your little one after a long day. Once you establish a routine try to stick with it, kids love consistency. Your baby will begin to know the routine and you will notice them go down for bed easier.

Not sure where to start? Here are some great ways to help establish a bedtime routine for baby:

1. Bath. A bath is a great way to relax baby and wind down for the night. For kids with sensitive skin you may not want to give a bath every night, skip to the next step on those nights. Sweet Slumber baby wash is tear free, hypoallergenic and made with soothing botanicals to help get baby ready for bed.

2. Massage. A great way to really connect with baby after a long day. Gently message them with a gentle lotion like Sweet Slumber massage cream.

3. Book. Don’t go overboard here, pick a couple short books to read to baby. Be sure to read books throughout the day so you aren’t trying to get all your reading time in at bedtime.

4. Mist. Sweet Slumber Mist can create a calm and familiar bedroom environment.

5. Quiet time. Dim the lights and have your final snuggle and good night kiss.