FAQ: How do I administer gripe water to my baby?

We get this question often, and it’s a good one.  Many moms and dads are new at administering liquid supplements and medications to their babies, especially at such a young age.  Although Mommy’s Bliss Gripe Water is safe and gentle enough for babies 2 weeks old, it’s very important to administer a liquid supplement to an infant in a safe and effective way.  After years of both personal and professional experience, here’s our best advice.


  1. Always use a calibrated dropper/dispenser, or put the proper dosage in an empty bottle. Do not mix it with any other liquid. The EZY Serving dropper is included in every box of Mommy’s Bliss Gripe Water!
  2. Practice using the dropper with water prior to using it on an infant.
  3. Make sure the baby is sitting upright, and turn his or her head slightly to the side.
  4. Give the liquid slowly, by aiming at the side of the mouth inside the baby’s cheek. Avoid squirting and do NOT aim straight back towards the throat. This will prevent gagging.
  5. Give the serving a small amount at a time, allowing time in between.


If the infant appears to be gagging, stop administering the liquid immediately.  In many cases, the infant may not immediately like the taste and may initially reject the liquid. In these instances, it is best to stop and re-administer the liquid at another time when the baby is calm. This allows the infant to gradually get used to the taste of the liquid.


Always consult with your pediatrician before giving an infant liquid supplements and/or medications. And you can also have your pediatrician show you how to administer liquid supplements /medication.



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