Finding Mom Friends

Finding Mom Friends
Becoming a mom is one of the most exciting times of your life, but it can also be lonely, especially if your friends are not yet parents. It can help to have a circle of friends that are going through the same things you are going through, people you can talk to, bounce ideas off of and set up playdates with. Sounds great, but how do you find these new ‘mom friends?’
mom friendsGet Out There 
Find activities in your areas geared towards young kids and babies. Some examples include a local Gymboree play and learn class, local The Little Gym, mom and me swim classes, Barnes and Noble story time, story time at local public library and check out local elementary schools, many will offer classes for moms and kids to the public at little or no cost.
Make the First Move
After you have been attending these activities for a few weeks you will notice that many of the other moms are there week after week. Start a conversation with them and then make the first move. Ask them some of the other activities they do with the kids, they may know of some you don’t yet and vice versa. Ask them if they would ever be interested in a play date, this doesn’t have to be at someone’s house but could be at a local park or other public space.
There’s An App For That
There are now some websites and apps designed to help moms meet each other. Start with and search for playgroups and mom groups in your area, most are free to join and once you join will see all the meet ups that are planned. Another option is the app HelloMamas, create a profile and get matched up with local moms that share similar experiences and set up a play date or coffee date with them.
How have you made some of your best ‘mom friends?’

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