All babies will cry and fuss—it’s just what they do. But if your newborn is crying for up to three hours at a time, several times a week, then they may be suffering from colic. Colic is general discomfort caused by too much gas in the stomach or even just from crying too much.  Whatever the cause, here are some helpful pointers to try when you need to soothe your baby’s colic:


Soothe Yourself – Hearing your child cry non-stop is going to be frustrating, but you need to stay calm. If you’re tense and upset, then your baby will pick up on that emotion and remain fussy. Proceed with patience and keep your nerves relaxed. If you feel like you need help, then call in the other parent, a relative, or a trusted friend or neighbor to come watch your child while you take a break.


Adjust Feedings – If it’s been over 2 hours since last time your baby ate, then try feeding them. While you don’t want to over feed your newborn, feeding smaller amounts more frequently may help soothe them.


Try Gripe Water – Along with changing your baby’s feeding routine, you may want to introduce them to gripe water.  Mommy’s Bliss Gripe Water is a gentle liquid formula that contains fennel, ginger and sodium bicarbonate, which are historically known to ease the nausea and discomfort caused by stomach gas and other colic symptoms.


Holding and Rocking – There’s never any harm in sticking to the tried and true method of holding and rocking.  Hold your baby as you walk around and pat them on the back gently.  Rock your baby gently from side to side and they just might calm down and take   a nap.


If you’d like to try gripe water to soothe your baby, then shop with Mommy’s Bliss and ease your baby’s stomach pains and discomfort.  For more information on where to purchase Mommy’s Bliss Gripe Water, please visit our website today!