Is Gripe Water Safe for Newborns?

With so many pills and manufactured chemicals in the drug aisles in grocery stores, it is difficult to know exactly what is best for children. A new emphasis is being put on natural remedies and organic solutions to health problems. With that in mind, many mothers are looking for natural relief for gas and colic. Gripe water from Mommy’s Bliss can help in both areas. What is gripe water? Is it safe? Read on to explore and learn more about the product, as well as what makes it special.


What Is Gripe Water?
Gripe water is a natural, fast acting supplement for colic and gas. It is made from organic herbs, such as ginger and fennel, and requires no refrigeration, even after the bottle has been opened. Mothers all over the United States use this product not only for colic pain and gas pain, but also for pain brought on by teething and even general irritability. Each bottle of gripe water comes packaged with a dropper with clearly marked measurements for different ages that makes administration of this natural supplement extremely easy.

For many moms and dads, getting their children to take any kind of medicine is a stressful hassle by itself. However, many testimonials speak to how much children enjoy the taste, taking the supplement without complaint or sour expressions. Gripe water also comes in apple flavor, a flavor most toddlers seem to enjoy. In addition, Mommy’s Bliss now provides single serving packets for on-the-go use, making those crazy days just that much easier.

Is Gripe Water Safe?
As a matter of fact, gripe water is very safe. In a world where chemically processed pills are the norm, bringing about questionable side effects, more and more moms are looking to natural remedies. Gripe water, and all other Mommy’s Bliss products, are made with natural ingredients. Not only are they vegetarian, most of them are organic and lack ingredients that may cause allergic or adverse reactions, such as gluten, alcohol, dairy, or parabens. Gripe water is also BPA free, reducing the potential for any skin irritation. As with most products used as a supplement for any type of illness or discomfort, the smartest course of action is to consult a physician or a pediatrician before giving it to an infant. Speaking with your doctor or your child’s doctor can help to clear up any concerns you might have before trying out this safe, natural supplement.

Whether your infant is teething, suffering from colic pain, gas pain, hiccups, stomach pain, or general irritability, consult a physician and consider gripe water as a safe, healthy, natural alternative to relief. Available both online and in stores, this product is sure to be a life saver for moms and dads around the country.