Mommy’s Bliss is having a baby-SOON!!! Read an update from our CEO who is in the last stretch of pregnancy.

Mommy’s Bliss is having a baby-SOON!!! Read an update from our CEO who is in the last stretch of pregnancy.

Mommy's Bliss CEO pregnantI remember the first time my mom said to my brothers and me “that’s the miracle of life!” We had just finished dinner and she was testing our new VHS player to be sure her videos were ready for the childbirth class she taught later that evening.  I remember we looked up from our last bites startled to see a 1970’s woman and her partner in the midst of labor. Was I mortified? Yes, totally and completely mortified. Despite my mom’s comment, we responded with the typical barf noises and eye rolling you’d expect from the average teenager. Although this was the first birthing video I remember, conversations about babies, birthing and parenthood were well beyond normal in our house.


Fast-forward 20 years…I found myself in a childbirth class watching another birth video last weekend. Was I still mortified? Yes. Only this time there was no eye rolling but rather tears and the firm squeeze of my (sweet) husband’s hand.  I thought I could handle the class with grace, since I have been surrounded by everything mommy & baby for many years.  After all I hear from new moms like you, the “new mom” language and challenges are very familiar to me and I definitely don’t cringe at words like gas, diarrhea, cracked nipples, constipation etc.  BUT preparing for the childbirth experience-is different!!


I am so glad that 20+ years has passed since that first viewing. I now know that what I saw was just a glimpse of a single experience, when in reality each birth is so different, complex and full of unknowns. One thing that has comforted me is that my mom, our Mommy’s Bliss founder, will be by my side for the labor & delivery not only as my mom, but also as our doula! The bond I have with my mom is strong and I fully trust she will support us through this incredibly intimate and unknown experience. Knowing that she has coached hundreds of women who have gone through this, gives me the confidence that I can get through this. Just like all of you did!

I know my birth experience will be…whatever it will be. The one thing I do know is in the end I will hold my own “miracle of life” in my arms.

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  1. My lovely Yasmin, as the mother of your baby’s about to be father, you have nailed the feelings and yes fears every first time mother experiences. As you also no doubt have heard countless times, the prize outweighs the pain and hard work involved to bring another human being into your world and family.
    Personally and selfishly I can hardly wait to hold and marvel at the miracle of life you are about to bring us all.
    Remember the secret is to keep breathing.
    With love and support

    Bianca Birch
    July 13, 2016 Reply
  2. I’m so blessed to be invited to hold and support my” baby” give birth to her baby. It is also special that I can be there for Kyle and hopefully reassure him that all is and will be well . We will be a great team. I’m also so excited to share Bianca’s joy as she becomes a grandmother! This next miracle can’t come soon enough.

    Roshan. Kaderali Yasmin's mum
    July 13, 2016 Reply

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