Moms of Mommy’s Bliss

Moms of Mommy’s Bliss

Meet the moms behind Mommy’s Bliss!  We sat down with this all-female executive team to pick their brains about motherhood and why they love working at Mommy’s Bliss. You’ll love what they had to say!

Yasmin Kaderali, CEO and Mom to 9 month old son

What has been the most exciting part of being a new mom?

The excitement of seeing Julian’s smiling face in the morning is the best part of the day and never stops capturing my heart. In addition, seeing him change and grow every day, including the mannerisms that reflect me and Kyle, is so exciting and like no other experience we can have.

What have been some of the biggest surprises?

Ahh so many!

I never would have understood before how much this little person would capture my heart and my mind, ALL the time. Its a wonderful and new preoccupation that is constantly “on”. I love that it has come naturally to always think of him first, hold his needs as top priority and it is surprising that the unconditional love is instinctual and makes all the daily frustrations okay.

Of course, another big surprise is having a baby that is BIG. I’m grateful he is healthy and thriving, and I never would have guessed that I would have such  a big, heavy boy that comes with challenges too-carrying him, finding big enough clothes, letting him hit physical milestones later, like rolling over etc.

What advice would you share with an expectant mom?

I think the best advice was shared with me by a good friend who calmed me down when I was worried I wouldn’t survive the lack of sleep or that I would be too overwhelmed by all the care taking of a new baby and she said “you have to trust yourself and have faith everything will be okay. There is something inside you that you dont even know exists, and it will kick in so that you can handle it all and you will get through it. You just will. ”

I think learning from other moms that there is a new side to yourself that you don’t know and can’t know until you have the baby was comforting to me. And she was right! So my advice would be to surrender to the journey and allow all of you to unfold into mommyhood the way that it does…and it will be okay!

The other piece of advice – laugh with your partner about as much as you can!

In recent years you have worked hard to update policies at Mommy’s Bliss to include extended maternity leave and paid family time, what motivated you to make those changes?

Family values have always been at the core of who I am and how I was raised. Over the past five years there have been a lot of issues in the world that seem to reflect compromised family values and human rights. I began to learn more about other countries where maternity leave and family time is a top priority to the point where it isn’t even questioned by the government or places of work. I learned about maternity and paternity time off that was much more generous than what is typical in the U.S. and how this time is encouraged, respected and known to provide the best bonding benefits to both parents and baby. Prioritizing family time in these countries has proven to have long term value to the family, the community and it’s culture, places of work etc. This aligns with the core values of Mommy’s Bliss and our family so much, that as soon as we could afford to make such changes, we did it.


Stephanie Medina, Director of Product Development & Innovation and Expectant Mom 

What about motherhood are you most looking forward to?

I am so excited to have the opportunity to experience sweet “life moments” through a child’s perspective all over again. I’ve been a grown up for a long time now so I’m excited to re-live thrills like Christmas morning, learning to ride a bike or even just ice cream cones on a summer vacation day!  I know those moments are cherished and this time I get to be the Mom (which I think is a very elite club) and share the excitement with my little and my husband!


How have fellow moms at Mommy’s Bliss supported you?

Humor! The gals here have really helped me by hilarious stories of their food cravings (like one bagel in the car on the way to work and another one when you get into the office) to wardrobe malfunctions and birthing stories. We love to laugh here in the office and it helps to know that nobody is perfect and it’s okay if your pregnancy is not always “sunshine and rainbows”. Also, some of the Dads in the office love to share their stories too which is super fun.


Once your baby arrives, which Mommy’s Bliss product are you most excited to start using?

That’s a hard one because I’m ready to use them all when the time comes! To pick one I’d say I really am excited by our new Multivitamin Organic Drops. It’s the only organic liquid option on the market for littles and simply an added support of vitamins for baby. It’s a delicious natural grape flavor. Also, I’m TOTALLY going to use one of our new items that we plan to release later this year (keep your eyes open).


Do you expect motherhood to give you a new perspective on the products you develop for the company?

Yes, or at least I hope so! We always want to make the best products for families we can and already listen to our Moms and Dads that give us feedback. However, now that I’ll be a Momma and giving these products to my little, I suspect there will be a new level of awareness and personal connection.

Perhaps there will be options to tap into my experience to help Mommy’s Bliss make the best product options for families out there.


April Howell, President and Mom to 8 year old son 

What was the best parenting advice you received?

Parenting advice: Put yourself first. This was counter to what I believed but after years of putting everyone and everything first I was spent. I finally started making a little time for me first. I found I could be a better parent, partner, coworker and friend because I was in a better place physically, mentally and spiritually. My sisters, Gabriella and Andrea shared it with me, they always give me amazing advice. I turn to them often when I stuck with a parenting dilemma.


How has motherhood changed you? 

Motherhood has made me a softer, kinder person. It also helped me to understand and appreciate my parents and all the sacrifices they made for me.


Why do you love working at Mommy’s Bliss?

The “family” of mommy’s bliss is what I love best. I work for an amazing family who started the business and I work with the most talented, smart, brave and kind people on the planet. They are my work family and I love them all.


What do you love about being a mom?

The lovely moments from Friday night tacos and movie, to spontaneous dance parties and nighttime stories. I love it all from the struggles to the snuggles.


Caroline Lloyd, VP of Sales and Mom to 19 and 20 year old boys and 4 year old daughter

What have been some of your favorite moments of motherhood?

As a mum of 3 ranging in ages from 4 to 20 there have been plenty of memorable and precious moments along the journey. There have been some hard times, physically, emotionally and sometimes financially but the rewards and smiles and love that come from having children definitely outweigh all those tough times.

For me the toddler stage was probably my favorite set of years with them all, so much growing and developing in such a short period of time, their minds are so transparent and their enthusiasm to learn is truly amazing!  The brutal honesty of a toddler is hilarious; their no-filter mouths are oft times embarrassing but always real and from the heart!

Toddlers have a determination to succeed and their perseverance to keep on trying. Watching their capacity to love grow and their unexpected acts of kindness are always special moments along with all the everyday fun times….from splashing in muddy puddles, learning to blow bubbles, cooking together and sharing stories. Proud mum moments are plentiful!  


Have you learned anything as a mom that you would have liked to share with your younger self?

I learnt pretty soon after having my first that there is no agenda with children!  Not setting yourself unachievable goals and expectations definitely helps you stay positive and feel like you are a good mum and doing a good job of raising them!!

Don’t change your whole life to fit children is a lesson I would definitely share with my younger self!  Children are very adaptable and will fit in with most of whatever your routine requires!  

And as the children have got older I’ve learnt too that letting go and loosening control (whilst still setting the boundaries and expecting high standards) is the best way of keeping them as friends (physically and on all the social network platforms!!)    Give them wings and they’ll fly back home!


Have you found that your parenting style has changed over the years?

I’m not sure it’s the fact that my patience levels have increased as I have got older or whether having 1 small girl is less challenging than 2 small rambunctious boys!  Maybe it was that the constant chaos that was my world with 2 boys a year apart was just a great training ground for motherhood again when it happened in my 40s!

Having fun and filling their worlds with happy memories and opportunities has always been my mantra as has giving plenty of hugs, kisses and “I love yous” everyday!


Does being a mom influence your work at Mommy’s Bliss?

It influences everything I do, not just at work!  But being able to see everything we do at Mommy’s Bliss from a mum’s perspective is definitely really important to me.  It helps in developing new products, it helps when presenting new products to buyers and consumers from a mum’s point of view and it helps in the way I work with my clients and colleagues.  I head up the sales department and they’d probably say I ‘mother’ the team too….I guess once a mum, always a mum!!


Stephanie O’Brien, Senior Director of Marketing and Mom to 7 and 5 year old boys 

What do you love most about being a mom?

Even though I’ve been known to complain on occasion about all the demands that go along with being a mom, I love that my two little boys need me.  And I need them.

What have been some of the best tips other moms shared with you?

The best tip I ever received was from my closest girlfriend after the birth of my second son.  Her advice was to “LOWER YOUR STANDARDS” and boy was she right.  Once I let go of the fact that my house was never going to be clean again and my car appeared as though we lived out of it, my outlook got rosier.  Side note, it works on husbands too.

How has being a mom influenced how you market to moms? Do you tap into your own experiences at all?

Let’s face it, mom has her baby in one hand and her smartphone in the other.  Social media makes her world go around and she uses apps to manage her day to day life.  Experiencing these behaviors first-hand has given me a huge advantage in terms of how we market to moms.

What is your favorite thing to do when you get a little time for yourself?

Between a full house and fulltime job, alone time doesn’t happen often.  But when it does I like to hit the mall, eat out with friends or curl up on the couch with a good romance novel.  You know, the things I did regularly before having kids!

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