our mission

the Mommy’s Bliss© Mission

To be THE trusted provider of safe, effective and natural premium-quality products for families

Mommy’s bliss believes that all families deserve bliss. Our company and staff contribute to this
effort in a number of ways, including:

Staff Volunteering
Each holiday season, Mommy’s Bliss® volunteers work with our local San Rafael Police
Department to wrap presents for Toys for Tots. Our staff members also volunteer with the
San Francisco Homeless Prenatal Program, Glide Memorial, One Brick, FAME, Big Brothers/Big
Sisters and other organizations.

Donating Product

Mommy’s Bliss® donates product every year to a number of organizations. Some of those
organizations include The SAGE Project, the San Francisco Homeless Prenatal Program, Vitamin
Angels, Centerpoint and La Casa de Las Madres.

Donations and Financial Contributions
Mommy’s Bliss® and its staff members have made financial donations to many organizations,
including FAME Clinic, The SAGE Project and the Family Service Agency of Marin.