Real Moms Share: Our Brand Ambassadors Discuss Their Favorite Products

Real Moms Share: Our Brand Ambassadors Discuss Their Favorite Products
We are excited to introduce you to some of our Brand Ambassadors! Learn a little about them, their littles and which Mommy’s Bliss products they love. If you are interested in being a Mommy’s Bliss Brand Ambassador, follow the link at the bottom of this post

“My daughter just turned one! I cannot believe it. I was told countless times before I had SJ that time was going to fly by, and I believed them, but nothing could have prepared me for how fast it does actually go by. With SJ being my first baby, I had to learn quickly what worked, and what didn’t work for all of our sanity. You learn tips and tricks that work for your baby, and everyone will share their advice, you just have to trust your instincts. One of the baby items I learned about quickly was my all time favorite Mommy’s Bliss product, the gripe water. A lot of babies are extremely gassy, it is just how they are. On top of the usual gassiness, if I ate anything tomato based, she would scream. All. Night. Long. I felt terrible! With all the gassiness came sleepless nights, a fussy baby, and a very exhausted mama. Everyone told me to use gripe water and gas drops. So I did what every mom does, and I ran to Target to get some (and about 20 other things we didn’t actually need). They worked, but I could tell she was still uncomfortable. So I went back, and our small-town Target had re-stocked their Mommy’s Bliss products that weren’t there the first time I went. I read the box and was impressed. I always try to find the most natural products I can for my family, because it truly does make a difference. It is something you can feel good about giving to your baby, and with all the questioning yourself as a mom that comes with motherhood, it is comforting knowing that this is something you don’t have to second guess yourself on.  So I bought the original Gripe Water and the Night Time Gripe Water. I think I had a different baby after that! She was happy, and slept better. I made sure I never ran out! It definitely made my Top 7 Must Have Baby Products that I couldn’t live without for her first year. Even now that she is older, I still occasionally have to give it to her because, everyone gets a belly ache every now and then!” Lauren M.


“The probiotic is my favorite.  It’s so much easier to give my daughter her probiotic out of a dropper than to pour granules onto yogurt and hope she eats it.” Ashley G. 

“Mommy’s Bliss has some amazing products!  My absolute favorite is Constipation Ease for my 18-month old. About two months ago, my little guy was having some constipation issues.  After a difficult night of trying to make it happen,  I ran over to Target.  I had the intention of getting something…I just didn’t know what exactly I was looking for.  I strolled down the baby aisle and amidst the numerous options, I came across Constipation Ease from Mommy’s Bliss.  Knowing we’ve enjoyed other products from this line, I figured I would give it a try. After a few uses, it definitely helped my little guy in making strides with his bowel issues.  The more, we used it, the more it continued to help regulate him. 
Two of my favorite things about this product: 
1. It’s made of all-natural ingredients so I know what’s exactly going into his little system 
2. He loves it!  The flavor is tasty enough that on most occasions, he doesn’t fight me on taking it.  In fact, when he sees it in the bathroom, he wants to take it, even when he doesn’t need it!” Rachel B.


“We love Mommy’s Bliss everything at our house. My daughter had a lot of tummy trouble early on and being able to have a natural remedy in the gripe water was amazing for us! It’s a super plus that it works almost immediately, especially when no one is getting any sleep in the house and everyone needs a break. We then also added the probiotic to our morning routine which has really made a huge difference in our little girl.  We will occasionally use the constipation ease for those extra rough days, and again it works almost immediately. It’s truly a relief being a new mom to have something that we can trust to help our LO when she isn’t feeling well. I can’t speak highly enough about these products! We are their biggest fans!” Hope P.
“Growing up, my mom always stressed the importance of taking daily vitamins. As a child and into adulthood, she would always have our dose of vitamins set out for us to take with breakfast. I feel it is so important to pass on these words of wisdom to all fellow and future parents. With health, as with many things in life, the best offense is a good defense. I love Mommy’s Bliss multivitamin as it allows me to administer a safe and effective dose of vitamins each day to help my son grow strong.”  Corey G. (@cnoelle)


Meg from @eastofseventh has shared her favorites on Instagram:


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