Real Moms Share: Haley F. on her Experience with Gripe Water

Real Moms Share: Haley F. on her Experience with Gripe Water

As a mother who has chosen to exclusively breastfeed after doing a ton of research on breastfeeding versus formula feeding, you’d think I would have prepared myself a little more when it comes to colic. When my son, Matson who is 3 months old now, began crying everyday for a few hours at a time… I started to dig deep on what could be wrong with him. I took him to the pediatrician to only be told ‘cut dairy out of your diet’. UH, HELLO! I’m addicted to chocolate. What do you mean cut dairy out? But for the sake of my son, I did it anyway. Nothing changed. I started to dig even deeper online. After reading a ton of articles, I realized my son had colic. No one really knows what colic is besides a bad tummy ache. It can be caused from a number of things. The only way to really tell what could be causing it would be to do eliminate the few things your child is having a reaction to, one thing at a time for a month at a time. So basically months of searching for the root of the problem.

I was discussing with a friend of mine what was happening to my son, she said two words… ‘gripe water’. She swore by it and Mommy's Bliss user with her happy babysaid it works wonders with her son. As an Amazon prime member, I searched for gripe water immediately. Several brands popped up, but as the paranoid mom who researches every single thing, I looked into each brands ingredients. The only one I found that was affordable AND natural was Mommy’s Bliss. I put the regular and nighttime Mommy’s Bliss gripe water on overnight shipping. I had to get my baby feeling better. As soon as I received it in the mail, I administered it to my son. Three minutes later he stopped crying and so did I. It was incredible! After using it twice a day for almost a month, I swear he almost never cries. My son is now starting to teethe and it still works wonders! I bought the gripe water in bulk so that I have one at home, grandmas, car, and diaper bag. It’s a lot like having a pacifier in arms reach!

Mommy’s Bliss Dream Team Member, Haley F. from Texas

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