Real Mom’s Share Why They Love Mommy’s Bliss

We love hearing from real moms what they think about Mommy’s Bliss products, recently we asked you to share on Facebook and we wanted to share a few of those responses.

Jessica M. I absolutely LOVE mommy bliss gripe water! Once I give it to my three month old she calms right down! Its MAGIC!!!!

Ashley A. Mommy’s Bliss Gripe water is like gold in a bottle for us! It gives our baby girl instant relief and puts that beautiful smile back on her face that we love! She has had gas issues and reflux since she was about 2 months old and kept trying everything with no real results until discovering gripe water! We always make sure to have it on hand at all times! We absolutely recommend Mommy’s Bliss to everyone we know with babies!

Michelle S. I absolutely love Gripe water between the hiccups and the teething my 10 month old is going through she sleeps through the night I recommend it to every new mom.

Chelsea L. We live by gripe water! It’s the only thing that settles my little man down so he can be his happy little self.

Alex H. My new baby had an upset tummy and was crying for two hours. TWO HOURS STRAIGHT. I was at my wits end and didn’t know what to do for him. Not only was he upset but I was getting upset myself. Someone mentioned gripe water so I went to the store, gave him a dose and within minutes the crying had stopped!! Gripe water saved this mama from having an emotional night.

What have some your experiences been with gripe water?