Safe Teething Remedies for Baby

Safe Teething Remedies for Baby

Baby have pain from teeth coming in? Here are some ways you can bring them some relief.

Mom feeding her baby organic baby foodCold

Cold helps with the swollen gums, give baby cold purees or yogurt. You can also give them a cold (not frozen) wash cloth.


Pressure can help with the discomfort, an easy way to apply pressure is to gently massage baby’s gums. You can also invest in some teethers that baby can hold and chew on.


If baby is really uncomfortable from teething pain try taking them for a walk, read a book or play a game. Something to keep their mind off their discomfort.


If baby is crying a lot from teething and this can cause them to get gassy. There is also research that suggests when teething the salivary glands release an enzyme that upsets the stomach. Gripe water, like Mommy’s Bliss Gripe Water,  can help relieve the discomfort caused by both of these.

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