Surviving a Road Trip with Baby

Planning a summer road trip with baby? Here are some tips to help make that road trip with baby a success.

1. Try to plan travel around baby’s nap time or bedtime.

2. Bring along plenty of soft toys and soft books for baby to play with when they are awake. Bubbles are also great to bring along to keep them entertained.

3. First Aid Kit. Bring along a first aid kit filled with band aids, antibiotic cream, saline nose drops, bulb syringe, gripe water (on-the-go packs are great for dosing, but the night time gripe water is perfect if traveling during baby’s bedtime), thermometer, fever reducer and allergy medicine.

4. Diapers and diaper change stops. Plan to bring along plenty of diapers for the trip and plan how often you will stop to change baby’s diaper. Research and plan the stops ahead of time, try to stop at restaurants or stores where you know they will have a changing table.

5. Snacks. Bring along plenty of snacks and also plan how often you will have to stop to eat.

6. Ziplock bags, bring along a box of Ziplock bags. These are perfect for dirty diapers, trash, dirty clothes and much more!

7. Make sure the car seat is properly installed and your car is in good working condition with fluids topped off and tire pressure at the correct level.

What are some tips that have worked for you?