Tackling Summer Travel with Baby

Summer and travel go hand in hand, having a baby can make you think twice about taking trips. It doesn’t have to! Here are some of our favorite tips to help make summer travel with kids a breeze.

What to do before the trip

Ahead of your trip make sure if you are traveling out of the country all passports (including baby’s) are up to date. You will also want to check the current TSA guidelines paying special attention to rules on medications, expressed breast milk and formula.

What to pack

Make a checklist of all the things you use on a daily basis, this may seem silly at first but you will be surprised how many things you use in a day that you forget about. In addition to daily items bring along some small toys for baby to play with along the way and when you reach your destination. Remember to pack a full first aid kit full of any medications and supplements you may need including gripe water.

Don’t forget about nap time

For both nap time and bedtime you will want to plan ahead and think about where baby will sleep. Whether that means calling the hotel and making arrangements or seeing what the sleeping situation is like at grandma’s house this is not something you want to leave for when baby is screaming. Remember all the things for the normal bedtime routine like the sweet slumber line and things you need when bedtime is difficult, like night time gripe water. We love the Guava Family Lotus Everywhere Crib, it sets up in 15 seconds, comes with its own back pack carrying case and fits in the overhead bin on an airplane.

Plan Around Their Schedule

To make the trip fun for everyone try to plan travel around baby’s normal sleep schedule as much as possible. If you can drive/fly during regular nap times that would be ideal. When you reach your destination try to have baby back at the hotel/house for naps and get them to bed pretty close to their regular bedtime. You and baby will both love the downtime.