The Basics of Baby Proofing the Nursery

*guest post by Ty Schmidt of Modernize.

There is something special about getting the nursery ready for a new baby that many expecting moms can’t even really explain. In the maternity realm, it’s often referred to as nesting—but most new moms will tell you it’s a lot more than that. It’s about the look, the comfort level, and overall coziness, and about the magic that will unfold in that special space of the home. And it doesn’t stop there.

Modernize and Mommy’s Bliss know that once that precious bundle of joy is be mobile, there will be a whole new kind of nesting that needs to happen. Many parents find that baby proofing is an evolving process, one that adapts to the safety concerns of the child or children in the home. Here are a few things to keep in mind when baby proofing the nursery:

Back to basics. When it comes to nursery safety, considering precautions taken elsewhere in the home is a good way to start. Install outlet covers and secure drawers and heavy furniture with items most baby mega stores like Babies ‘R Us or Buy Buy Baby carry in a baby safety kit.


From the ground up. As walking becomes the norm in a home with hardwood floors, that cute rug that matches the nursery theme could become a threat, if not properly secured. In addition, any surface in the home not covered with a rug can easily become an ice rink. Using anti-slip grippers underneath rugs is a good idea, but also consider using a hot glue gun to add necessary traction on pajamas that have feet.

Growing up. Those little hands will soon be capable of reaching things parents would swear were out of reach. There comes a time to move open baskets and other storage vessels containing things like diaper rash cream and other ointments and lotions out of harm’s way.

All about art. A new baby has likely spent months eyeing up the pictures above the changing table, or near their crib. When they start becoming mobile, many parents find the time has come for them to do all the exploring of these items they have been admiring for so long. Make sure that all artwork is safely and securely attached to the walls to avoid a mishap.

Changing with the times. The changing table and crib are places that are both easily forgotten and incredibly important to remember. In addition to making sure the crib meets safety guidelines in the first place, talk to your child’s pediatrician about when is an appropriate time to lower the crib to avoid encouraging a crib climbing expedition. Also, don’t forget about those straps on the changing table and changing table pad. Though using them seems implied, it’s all too easy to miss that important step when there is a dirty diaper to clean up. Yet as your child becomes more active, it becomes even more important to consider using the straps to secure them during diaper changes in attempt to sidestep a fall.