Time for Mom

With Mother’s Day now a day of what seems like the distant past, it is easy to forget to take time for yourself. Taking a few minutes for yourself is very important and we want to make sure you remember to do just that. Here are a few of our favorite ways to take a few minutes of ‘me time’.

1. Bath

I love a good bath! If the bath is at bedtime sneak a little sweet slumber baby wash, it isn’t just for baby and will help you get relaxed for bed.

2. Exercise

Take an exercise class at a local gym or do some yoga at home. If you prefer running lace up your shoes and get moving.

3. Spa Day

Plan a spa day (or spa morning) with some friends and get that massage you have been dreaming about.

4. Enjoy the Silence

One of the things I loved to do for some ‘me time’ when my kids were little was to get a sitter and go a restaurant by myself. I loved eating in silence with just a book to keep me company. It really is the little things.