Tips for Easing Baby’s Cold Symptoms

Tips for Easing Baby’s Cold Symptoms

Kids under 6 can average between 6-8 colds/year, and chances are many of these will fall during cold and flu season. When your little one is feeling under the weather all you will want to do is make them feel better. Here are some things you can do at home to bring them some relief:

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You will want to make sure kids (and mom or dad if they are sick too) get plenty of rest.



A humidifier can help to loosen nasal secretions making it easier for baby to breathe.


Saline Drops

Saline drops will help to loosen nasal secretions making blowing the nose (for older kids) or using the bulb syringe (younger kids) more effective.


Bulb Syringe

For kids that cannot blow their own nose you will need to help them clear their nasal passages. A  standard bulb syringe will do the trick.



For kids that are older, prop up one end of their crib mattress, or if they are in a bed, prop up a few pillows to reduce the amount of post nasal drip. This will help with the coughing over night.



For kids over 12 months old, a teaspoon of honey is a great way to soothe the throat and reduce coughing.



Staying hydrated while sick is very important. Young babies may want formula or breastmilk more often. For older kids, make sure they are getting plenty of water.


Remember to always consult your child’s physician when they are sick.

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