Whether you’re the mother of a teenager or a newborn, you know how wonderful it is so see your child when they’re happy. That’s why it’s so upsetting to see them when they’re sad. When it comes to babies, there are a variety of reasons why they cry. Luckily, that also means there are a variety of ways to help calm them down. Here are some tips to keep in mind the next time your baby starts crying:


See if your baby is hungry. Because they are still so young, babies only have a few limited ways to communicate their needs and desires to their parents. Crying is one of the most effective and convenient strategies babies can use to communicate. That’s why babies typically cry when they start feeling hungry. By crying, they ensure that their parents will understand that something is not right.


Check their diaper. Another common cause for watery eyes can come from your baby’s diaper. If they need to be changed, they may cry to signify their discomfort. They may also be crying as a result of diaper rash—a highly common issue among newborns and babies. If you notice any red skin around your baby’s bottom, then you can help soothe their pain and discomfort with diaper cream.


Consider colic. When babies cry for long periods of the day for a seemingly unknown reason, they are typically considered to have colic. Parents can use Gripe Water to help calm their babies down. This herbal supplement has been shown to reduce discomfort, pain, and gas symptoms that are believed to be associated with colic, as well as teething and hiccups.