Tips to Overcome Motion Sickness


Does your child suffer from motion sickness? You may have taken road trips when there children were babies and never had a problem with car sickness, only to have them get sick when they are toddlers. Children 2-12 are susceptible to motion sickness, including car sickness. Here are some tips to overcome the symptoms associated with motion sickness.

1. Have your child look at objects outside the car as opposed to toys or books inside the car.

2. Before and during the trip feed your child bland foods like crackers, gelatin, plain baked potatoes, applesauce and toast.

3. Keep a good air flow going in the car.

4. Stop and walk around when possible.

5. If you have a large vehicle with three rows, try not to have your child in the way back as that can make the motion sickness worse.

6. Keep Kids Upset Tummy and Nausea Relief on hand, it is a great safe and all natural way to alleviate some of the upset stomach and nausea that is caused by motion sickness.