Too Many Treats = Tummy Ache

With Halloween right around the corner there are sure to be plenty of sweet treats in your child’s near future. From class parties to trunk-or-treating and trick-or-treating there will be a lot candy and the temptation to eat all of that candy. As both my siblings and my children have experienced first hand the consequences of eating too much candy are not fun.


What Causes the Stomach Pain?

Your child may be experiencing pain after eating too much Halloween candy as a result of hypoglycemia (also know as a sugar hangover). After eating large amounts of sugar the body produces insulin to keep sugar levels down, but after the sugar levels fall the insulin is still around causing the hypoglycemia. Another reason for the discomfort could be gas.

Ways to Ease Stomach Pain

To help ease your child’s discomfort you can:

Ways to Prevent Stomach Pain

After all treats have been collected sit with your kids and sort through the candy and have them pick some favorites and set them aside in a baggy. Try to space out when they eat the candy over the next few days and get rid of the excess candy (well after you have a few pieces of course).

You can also make sure that your kids eat a healthy meal and drink plenty of water before eating candy.

Instead of throwing away the excess candy you can donate to troops, to find a donation location in your area click here.