Top 8 Feeding Essentials

Top 8 Feeding Essentials

Baby about to start solids? Here are some of our feeding must haves:

Feeding Essentials by Mommy's Bliss

1. Spoons

This will be the first time baby has eaten with a spoon, try to start with spoons that don’t hold too much food and have a soft tip. Test out a few different options to see what works best for your baby. We like these spoons from Spuni, they have an ergonomic design that promotes baby’s latching instinct.

2. Bib

Skip the fabric bibs and opt for a bib that wipes clean easily and have a pocket to catch anything that spills. These 100% silicone bibs from Chewbeads come in a 2 pack and are dishwasher safe.

3. Bowls

Small unbreakable bowls are the way to go, start with a small set of stackable bowls like these from Munchkin.

4. Splat Mat

Feeding time will be messy! Lay a mat, like this one from Posh Play, under baby’s high chair for easy clean-up.

5. High Chair

Pick the right type of chair for your family, there are many different types including ones that strap to a chair and those that are freestanding. We like this chair from 4moms.

6. Sippy Cups

Introducing the sippy cup around the time you start solids can help make weaning easier, we like Munchkin starter sippy cup as a beginner sippy cup. Check with your pediatrician for tips on choosing the right cup.

7. Baby Food Maker

If you want to make some of your own baby food a baby food maker will make that easier, this one from Beaba is one of our favorites.

8. Constipation Ease

Introducing solids can sometimes cause constipation in babies, Mommy’s Bliss Constipation Ease* is a safe & effective  liquid herbal supplement used to promote regular bowel movements and ease occasional constipation*.


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