Your Top Tips For Making Travel with Baby Easier

Your Top Tips For Making Travel with Baby Easier



Our Marketing Coordinator is a new mom and planning her first trip with baby! We know that first trip can be overwhelming so we asked all of YOU for your top tips to help make traveling with an infant go smoother.
Here’s what you had to say:

Extra clothes for baby and even you. I learned this one the hard way!

Briana E.


I would say a well organized diaper bag but ensure it’s easily accessible!! Of course a baby sling or carrier. I have a teether. She loved her rice cakes/bars. Basically anything to entertain.

Kim S.


Bring your stroller/car seat combo, put your wallet in your diaper bag, bring snacks, take a red eye.

Courtney I.


I use my ergo when we fly and my 13 month old loves it and sleeps great in it! If you are breastfeeding/pumping, bring a cooler that will not leak. I got mine at target- it has a plastic insert so everything stays cool and does not leak through. 

Jessica L.


And from our Mommy’s Bliss Brand Ambassadors:

Nurse or feed your baby before leaving, a good burp, and a clean diaper. 

Kimberly H.


The best tip I was ever given was to pack disposable puppy pads to use in public restrooms as diaper changing mats! Easy to dispose of and no germs going back in your diaper bag! Happy travels!



Before we got on the plane I made sure she had a clean diaper and we boarded last. They always say people with small children can board first, but the less time I had to sit in one spot with her, the better. As we got closer to taking off, I started nursing her (although a bottle will work just the same) and she was asleep before we actually even left the runway! So I stuck her pacifier in to make sure she kept sucking to prevent her ears from popping. She slept the whole 4 hour flight!

Lauren M.


My best travel tips are if she is flying, to make sure she has a carseat that fits inside the stroller to stack while walking through the airport. I would wear my ergo baby, put my son inside the ergo, put my backpack inside the carseat that is attached to the stroller, put the diaper bag and breastmilk bag at the bottom of the stroller and check in my luggage as soon as I pulled up. While waiting on the flight I took out the backpack and set my son in the carseat and stroller. I hung the iPad over the sun flap using a certain iPad case that allowed me to do so (the ones that are a complete cover and the flap on the front has ridges to prop it up) and put on little Einsteins to keep him happy for the time being. One tip I do have is when people ask to help, TAKE IT! I was embarrassed at first and didn’t want to allow it, resulting in me panicking. Let people help you! Ask staff for help! Do whatever you need to do to stay calm! Also, since my son was colic, I would take smaller containers to put my nighttime gripe water in on the plane. 

Haley F., mom to 1 year old


Bring any of baby’s favorite things… blanket, stuffed animal, toy, or pacifier. And along with the pacifier if you haven’t already, invest in some pacifier clips, because when you are out and about or in an airport the last thijng you want is the pacifier on the ground getting covered in germs or even worse… LOST! 

Megan B.


Babies are great, especially newborns, because they require very little. But diapers are essential. Pack more than you think you’ll need, and then add a couple more for good measure! 

Korie B., mom of 11 month old


Always plan extra outfits for baby! It’s like they know you are away from home and will inevitably go through more outfits than normal in a day.

Bring extra gallon size ziplocks for dirty clothes! ‘Nough said! 

Remember that snacks for mommy & daddy are just as important as all the baby necessities. No one likes a hangry parent! 

Prepare to expend all patience. Give yourself enough time to get places so that you aren’t stressed for time! The first parenting lesson I learned and was shocked by is that life takes twice as long with an infant. And that’s perfectly okay with me! 🙂 

Corey G., mom of 9 month old


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