Ultimate Guide to De-Cluttering Your Home

Ultimate Guide to De-Cluttering Your Home
Spring is in the air! If you want to do a little spring cleaning but don’t know what to do with all the clutter, we are here to help:
Visualize the End Result
First things first, have a vision in your head of exactly what you want your house to look like when you are done.
Break it Up
The idea of de-cluttering your entire home can be overwhelming, break the task up into smaller tasks. Whether that is a room a day or 5 minutes a day, break the project down into achievable tasks.
Set Limits for Yourself
Look at the space you have and set limits, if your closet is overfilling set a goal to donate clothes that you aren’t wearing until you can easily see all the clothes in your closet. If the toy bin is overflowing donate until the lid closes comfortably. Limit the amount of toys the kids have, you will be surprised how much more time they will play independently with less toys.
Get Organized 
Organize everything and make sure everything has a home. Use labels where they make sense like in the kitchen and playroom. If you can’t find a home for something stop and think about whether you really need it.
Get Things off the Floor
Baskets and other storage items on the floor are great, but the empty wall space can also be a great way to get organized. Hang hooks up in your closet for jewelry and accessories. Put shelves and baskets or hooks around the house to store items, some will even double as decorations.  
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Keep Bins Handy
After you have successfully de-cluttered your home try to keep it from getting cluttered again. One way way to achieve this is to keep bins handy where you can drop items you no longer need you want to donate.
What are some of your top tips to keep clutter to a minimum?


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