Ways to Help Baby Sleep at Night

Ways to Help Baby Sleep at Night

Feel like baby is the perfect sleeper during the day, but a bit fussier at night? Here are some common reasons why baby may be fussy at night and some tips to help get them to sleep.

Sleepy baby yawning while in cribWhy can’t baby go to sleep? 

  1. Overtired.
  2. Overstimulated.
  3. Colic.
  4. Gas.

How can you help baby sleep?

  1. Make sure baby gets enough naps throughout the day to avoid them from becoming overtired at night.
  2. Leading up to bedtime try to keep baby calm and avoid loud animated interactions.
  3. Warm bath to both calm them and relieve any digestive discomfort they may be experiencing.
  4. If baby suffers from colic, Mommy’s Bliss Gripe Water Night Time is a natural way to help relieve the symptoms and help them drift off to sleep.
  5. If baby suffers from gas, Mommy’s Bliss Gas Relief Drops quickly and safely break up gas bubbles to help baby find immediate relief.
  6. Develop a consistent bedtime routine. After a while baby will recognize the routine and will be ready to drift off to sleep when you lay them down.

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