What Causes Baby Constipation?

If your baby is constipated you may want to know why so that you can try to prevent it from happening again. Here are some common causes of constipation in babies:
1. New Foods
Did you just start solids? Have you introduced a new food to baby recently? Introduce new foods slowly so as not to upset baby’s system.
2. Not Enough Fiber
Is baby getting enough fiber in their diet? If your baby is eating solids make sure that they aren’t filling up on milk and not leaving enough room for fruits and vegetables.
3. Medicine
Is your baby sick or on a new medication? Antibiotics as well as many over the counter medications like acetaminophen and ibuprofen can cause constipation.
4. Dehydration
Is baby getting enough fluids? If you are breastfeeding exclusively your baby is likely getting all the fluids they need from your milk, the composition of breast milk changes as baby ages to make sure they are getting the correct nutrients. If you are bottle feeding double check that you are mixing correctly and check with your doctor to see if baby is getting enough fluids.