The term “colic” comes from the Greek word “kolikos,” which means “suffering in the colon.” Colic is often defined by the “rule of threes.” The episodes of inconsolable crying: Begin within the first three weeks of life

  • Last at least three hours per day
  • Occur at least three days per week
  • Persist for at least three weeks
  • Rarely last longer than three months


What are the symptoms of colic?


According to Dr. Weil, the signs of colic in an otherwise healthy, well-fed baby include:


1 – Predictability of crying episodes. A baby who has colic cries in a predictable fashion, usually in the late afternoon or evening. Attacks often start suddenly and without a clear reason. They only wind down after the infant passes gas, has a bowel movement or becomes physically exhausted.

2 – Inconsolability. Crying is often intense and difficult, if not impossible, to stop. It can last from a few minutes to several hours.

3 – Changes in posture. Typically, babies will draw up their legs, clench their hands, and have either a tense abdomen or one that is distended with gas.


What are natural treatments for colic?


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