What is the difference? Probiotics vs. Prebiotics

What is the difference? Probiotics vs. Prebiotics

Do you know the difference between probiotics and prebiotics? Could baby benefit from either or both?


Probiotics, like Mommy’s Bliss’ baby probiotic drops, are natural microorganisms similar to those found in healthy digestive tracts. They help control the growth of harmful bacteria in the gut and can lead to less tummy troubles for baby.  By adding them to baby’s diet they can also help to improve overall health by helping to boost the immune system.


Prebiotics are food for probiotics, by adding them to baby’s diet you help to encourage the growth of probiotics. Some foods rich in probiotics include bananas, kiwis, strawberries, cherries, oatmeal, asparagus and wheat flour.

Here are some of our favorite baby food recipes that contain prebiotic rich foods:Red fruit bowl with strawberries and bananas

Kiwi Puree and Kiwi Salad from Wholesome Baby Food

Strawberry, Mango, Banana Puree from Steelehouse Kitchen

Cherry Puree from Teeny Tiny Foodie mixed with oatmeal

Asparagus + Mint Puree from  Baby Foode




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