What Is Gripe Water

Gripe water is a natural supplement that contains sodium bicarbonate and organic herbal ingredients, such as ginger and fennel, which work together to calm hiccups, soothe upset tummies and help ease the symptoms of colic quickly. Mommy’s Bliss #1 selling Gripe Water, is NSF Certified has been used effectively by millions of parents to relieve distressed infants.

Is Gripe Water Safe?

Yes! Mommy’s Bliss Gripe Water is made with natural ingredients and doesn’t have gluten, alcohol, dairy, soy or parabens. Gripe water is also BPA free, reducing the potential for any skin irritation. As with most products used as a supplement for any type of illness or discomfort, the smartest course of action is to consult a physician or a pediatrician before giving it to an infant. Speaking with your doctor or your child’s doctor can help to clear up any concerns you might have before trying out this safe, natural supplement.

Whether your infant is suffering from colic pain, gas pain, hiccups, stomach pain, or general irritability you can trust gripe water as a safe, healthy, alternative to help your baby find the relief he needs.

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