Have you noticed baby straining when they pass stools? Or maybe it has been longer than three days since they had a bowel movement, they may be constipated.

Signs of constipation include:
  • absence of bowel movements for three or more days
  • straining while passing stool
  • painful stools
  • small streaks of bright red blood in stool (caused from small tears in anal wall)
  • small hard stools
Constipation can be caused by changes in baby’s diet and routine including:
  • starting solids
  • new foods added to diet
  • new formula
  • not getting enough water
  • not getting enough fiber
Easy things you can do to try to bring baby some relief if they are constipated:
  • small amounts of diluted fruit juice (prune, pear, peach or plum are best)
  • switch formulas (consult child’s physician first)
  • for baby’s eating solids cut back on applesauce, bananas and rice cereal
  • for baby’s eating solids offer them purees of prunes, pears, peaches and plums
  • Mommy’s Bliss Constipation Ease

If you have any questions or concerns be sure to contact baby’s pediatrician.