April Howell

Mom + President

April is our multi-tasker extraordinaire and is involved in almost every operational aspect of the Mommy’s Bliss business. April works tirelessly to make sure our incredible growth is sustainable and that our annual goals are met. She is an advocate for progressive policies that help make Mommy’s Bliss a great place to work.

How being a mom informs my job

I am a single mom and I share custody of my son with his dad, so a flexible schedule is crucial for my family. I bring that mindset to how we create policies for all of our employees because I know that everyone here works really hard both at the office and at home. We want to do whatever we can to help them find work-life balance, which at most companies is a total myth. Not here. We don’t give our employees cell phones and laptops because we don’t want them checking their email when they’re at home. And we think this policy works. In a recent survey, 89% of our employees said they feel they have a good work-life balance.

Proudest moment at Mommy’s Bliss

There are two big ones. The first was when Yasmin and I announced our phenomenal maternity plan about two years ago. At Mommy’s Bliss, when you have a baby, you get to take five months of leave at full pay (we pay insurance, too). We did this because we want our employees to have their babies and not worry about work. At all! It’s so wonderful to get to see them use this benefit and appreciate it.

I am also proud whenever I see our new products land on a major retailer’s shelf. It is so exciting to see all the terrific solutions we are offering families. I am always dragging my son to the baby set and pharmacy set in-store to show him what mom does for a living.

To me, “We run on the power of mom” means…

We run on the feelings of caring and compassion. We take care of other people, especially our customers and their babies.

Best parenting advice my mom gave me

Mom taught all of us that as women, we could do anything from being a stay-at-home mom to being president of a company, the choice was up to us. She was an early feminist.

3 adjectives that describe me as a mom

I thought my son would have a better take on this than me, so I asked him, and he said:


For me, it’s important that he grows up to be a balanced boy. I want to make sure he knows what’s really important in this life, and how to be conscious of and caring about the world around you.