Stephanie O’Brien

Mom + Senior Director of Marketing

If you’ve ever gotten unexpectedly teary watching a Mommy’s Bliss video, laughed at one of our Instagram posts, or learned about a new must-have product from one of our ads, Stephanie’s the reason why. She works hard to build our amazing community of moms through social channels and other marketing efforts, making sure everything you see out in the world about Mommy’s Bliss looks, sounds and feels like us.

How being a mom informs my job

I pull from my own experiences all the time! For example, how I consume media is different now as a mom than it was before. I’m on my phone all day long and I’m looking for quick answers and “snackable” information. I don’t have time to flip through magazines or read long articles. So that affects the way that we talk to moms: information needs to be easy to access and concise.

Proudest moment at Mommy’s Bliss

I have to say that it’s seeing us go from a single product (Gripe Water) at Target to now having ten products on shelf. There is something so special about us having such a big presence at a store where I feel like all the “cool” brands hang out. It’s been so satisfying for me.

To me, “We run on the power of mom” means…

We’re truly running this company on the power of motherhood, and all the moms running our company are pulling from our own experiences to drive the decisions we make. I believe it also speaks to the idea that as moms, we understand each other. If someone has to miss an important meeting because they get a call from their kid’s school, there’s no resentment. We’ll fill her in later. There’s a trust, a sense of security that everyone gets it. You’re understood. That’s really powerful.

Best parenting advice my mom gave me

There’s one big piece of advice that I use all the time: Different strokes for different folks. I try to teach my kids not to be judgmental and not to jump to conclusions about people. I want them to learn that a person can have an opinion that’s different from their own, and that’s okay. We can co-exist in this world peacefully. Inclusivity is key!

3 adjectives that describe me as a mom

And (being honest here) Impatient!

Even if it’s a bad day, I feel like my kids know what to expect from me and that they can rely on me.