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Who is this gift basket for?

The Baby Shower Gift Basket is for new moms AND their newborns. There are products in this gift basket that are meant for both mom and baby, making this a great baby shower gift basket, pregnancy gift, Mother’s Day gift, or a postnatal gift box that can be sent anytime as a thoughtful gesture.

Just think of this as a deluxe care package! It’s a self-care gift for the mom-to-be, combined with a new baby gift basket for the little bundle of joy. This makes a great gift for any expecting mom but it also is a thoughtful postpartum gift for any new mama that could use some extra support.

Can I add a note to my gift basket order if I am sending the order to the gift recipient?

Yes! When you add any item to your cart, the cart pops up on your screen on the right hand side. Under your items will be a box you can check with option to Add a gift message for recipient. Check the box then a white text box will appear for you to enter your message. Then click Add a note.

Can I order a gift basket as a gift and have it shipped to the gift recipient instead of myself?

Yes! At checkout, just enter the gift recipient's address as the shipping address and your billing address for payment.

What’s in the Newborn Essentials Gift Set?

The Newborn Essentials Gift Set includes our four most popular baby products - Gripe Water, Vitamin D Drops, Baby Gas Relief Drops, and Saline Drops/Spray. It’s a new baby gift that’s also a gift for new parents - considering the amount of soothing relief that these products bring.

What is gripe water?

Gripe water is a natural remedy used to relieve painful symptoms of gas, colic, hiccups, and overall fussiness. It’s in the Baby Shower Gift Basket because it’s common for newborns to have tummy troubles. Gripe water provides the fast-acting relief for babies that new mommies need.

What’s in the Baby Vitamin D Drops?

Our Baby Vitamin D Drops contain Vitamin D3 (cholecalciferol) and Organic Medium Chain Triglyceride (MCT) Oil. It’s a daily supplement with 400 IU of USDA-certified organic Vitamin D to promote healthy growth and bone development in breastfed babies.

What are Baby Saline Drops?

Baby Saline Drops are used to provide relief from congestion and mucus. It’s a natural saline formula that cleans, moisturizes and washes away mucus while protecting your little one's delicate nasal passages. It’s in the Baby Shower Gift Basket because when an infant has congestion or excess mucus, it can be difficult to help them clear their nasal passages. Saline drops are a safe and effective way to provide relief for newborns.

What are Baby Gas Relief Drops?

Baby Gas Relief Drops are a fast and safe simethicone-based remedy that breaks up gas bubbles in baby’s tummy to provide gentle, effective relief. It’s in the Baby Shower Gift Basket because infants tend to have tummy troubles as they adjust to formula and breastmilk. Gas relief drops for babies help soothe indigestion and discomfort.

Can I use Gas Relief Drops with your Gripe Water products?

Absolutely! Combining these products can be especially helpful for babies with colic who’ve been crying incessantly. Gas Relief Drops break up gas bubbles and help your baby burp up air. Gripe Water also helps with burping, plus uses ginger and fennel to help soothe digestive distress. Together, they offer quick relief of gas pains and ease tummy turmoil.*

What is the Lactation Support + Probiotics supplement?

Our lactation supplement is carefully crafted with fenugreek, blessed thistle & milk thistle to support mom's milk supply*. It’s made with 200 million CFU LactoSpore® probiotics to support immune health and digestion*. It’s in the Baby Shower Gift Basket because sometimes moms need the added boost to their breastmilk supply when breastfeeding - so taking lactation supplements can help support milk supply.

What is the Lanolin Nipple Balm?

Any new mom knows that adjusting to breastfeeding can be a challenge - one that can be quite painful. Our Lanolin Nipple Balm is made for soothing and protecting sore and cracked nipples with moisturizing shea butter. It’s made with ultra- pure lanolin, shea butter, and coconut oil and is safe for both mom and baby.

What is belly lotion and why is it in the Mom & Baby Shower Gift Basket?

Our Blissful Belly Lotion is a smooth blend of pure shea & cocoa butter to keep your growing tummy hydrated and soft. This soothing lotion also contains aloe, rosehip oil, sunflower seed oil, sweet almond oil, and vitamin E which deeply nourishes and moisturizes your skin. The Bohemian Rose scent gives off a gentle aroma of velvety rose petals. It’s in the Mom & Baby Shower Gift Basket because this feels amazing to use before and after baby is born!

Can I choose different items than what’s in the gift basket?

No. The Mom & Baby Shower Gift Basket is hand-selected from our top-rated products, so while you can’t swap out the products in the basket, this makes an incredible gift for new moms.

Do you offer gift basket delivery?

Yes! We do offer Baby Shower Gift Basket delivery to homes across the United States. Even if you can’t make the baby shower, you can still send the new mother an amazing gift basket!