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Can I use this with gripe water liquid?

Sure! Our gel and liquid formats can be used interchangeably. Choose what’s best for you (or try ‘em all!).

Can I give my baby gripe water gel and gripe water gel night time in the same day?

Yes, you may give both Gripe Water Original Gel and Gripe Water Gel Night Time to your baby throughout the day, as long as you’re sure to follow the labeled directions and precautions for each product.

Can gripe water gel be put it in my baby’s bottle?

No, don’t mix this with formula or breastmilk, as it may curdle. Give separately from feedings.

Does the tip have a seal or snap-off tip?

No, but the box should have a clear adhesive tamper-evident seal at the opening, so you can be sure your Gripe Water Gel is safe to use.

How do I give organic gripe water gel to my baby?

Wash hands thoroughly before use. Apply a small, pea-sized amount of Gripe Water Gel to your fingertip and put it inside your baby’s cheek or let them slowly swallow from a pacifier or spoon.

Is the Gripe water gel the same formula as the liquid?

Yes! We use the same tried and true herbal ingredients you’ll find in our liquid, and put them in an easy-to-use gel you can take on the go! Just pop in your diaper bag, carry when you travel, or use at home.