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Reseller Policies

At Mommy’s Bliss we are committed to you — our partners that help our company deliver best-in-class products. To protect our brand and the integrity of our authorized distribution channels, Mommy’s Bliss has implemented an Authorized Seller Program, effective October 1, 2019, and a MAP Policy, effective August 1, 2019.

Please review your obligations as an Authorized Retailer, Distributor, or Reseller of Mommy’s Bliss by clicking on the applicable document(s) below corresponding to the type of Mommy’s Bliss Partner you are, including the MAP Policy which is applicable to all Mommy’s Bliss Partners/Resellers:


Mommy’s Bliss Authorized Retailer Policy

Mommy’s Bliss Authorized Distributor Policy

Mommy’s Bliss Authorized Reseller Packet

Mommy’s Bliss MAP Policy


Thank you for your continued support of Mommy’s Bliss.