Signs Baby’s Poop Is Normal

Signs Baby’s Poop Is Normal

How often should baby poop? What should their poop look like? How will you know if baby is constipated? Here is a little guide to help you determine if baby’s poop is normal:

Mom playing with her happy babyFrequency

Depending on your baby, what’s considered normal may range from one bowel movement every several days to several poops every day. Generally, breastfed babies poop more than formula-fed ones.


Infants who are breast- fed tend to have somewhat watery bowel movements that are soft or even runny. Formula-fed babies pass slightly more firm stools that are similar in consistency to peanut butter.


For breastfed babies, a mustardy yellow with little whitish seed-like bits is common. A yellow-tan with hints of green is typical for infants who are formula-fed.

If your baby is passing stools that are unusually hard or pebble-like, and he’s straining without success or he’s excessively fussy, he may be constipated. If baby is constipated Mommy’s Bliss Constipation Ease* is pediatrician recommended to safely and naturally ease occasional constipation and promote regular bowel movements*. If baby’s symptoms do not get better or you have any concerns at all call your pediatrician immediately.

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