Mommy's Bliss Probiotic Drops product line for babies and toddlers


Mommy’s Bliss© Baby Probiotic Drops and Powder Packs contain the live culture Lactobacilus rhamnosus GG, the most widely studied probiotic in the world. They safely and gently promote a healthy digestive system that supports immune function by maintaining the intestinal flora. It may also help with occasional gas, diarrhea and constipation.*

Probiotics are living microorganisms that scientific research has shown to benefit human health. Most commonly these are bacteria, but they may also be yeasts. In some cases they are similar to, or the same as, the microbes already found in a healthy digestive tract. Many probiotics were originally isolated from common fermented foods such as yogurt. Mommy’s Bliss Baby Probiotic Drops contain the live culture Lactobacilus rhamnosus GG, the most widely studied probiotic in the world with over 800 scientific publications attesting to the safety and healthfulness of these beneficial bacteria. Like all dietary supplements you should discuss the use of probiotics with your baby’s doctor.

There have been many peer reviewed published scientific studies that have shown the benefits of probiotics when added to the diet. Studies of probiotics have shown benefits to infants, babies and children as well as adults. Some studies have shown that probiotics can specifically ease symptoms in colicky babies, including reducing crying time. Probiotics are meant to be taken on a regular recurring basis, often daily. Probiotics work over time to support overall digestive health and immune function. Thus probiotics will not bring immediate relief to a colicky baby but may reduce the frequency and severity of bouts over time.

Is It True That Taking Antibiotics Can Upset Baby’s Tummy?

Yes. When your baby has an infection, he may be prescribed antibiotics to wipe out any “bad” bacteria. Probiotics can help ease baby’s tummy by restoring the “good” bacteria.

Could Probiotics Help Relieve Baby’s Colic and Gas?

Probiotics seem to be the new ‘hot’ item on the market, but could they really help your baby? If your baby suffers from gas or colic there are some studies suggesting that regular probiotic use can be beneficial.

5 Things to Know about Probiotics

Did you know that probiotics are meant to be taken on a regular basis? The healthy bacteria works best over time and can be taken daily.

The Importance of Probiotics for C-Section Babies

As a new mom you are constantly worried about keeping baby safe, happy and healthy. A daily probiotics supplement can help you keep baby healthy, especially those born via c-section.

Are Probiotics Beneficial for Kids?

As a parent, you child’s health is often top of mind. If you are looking to support your child’s immune & digestive health, find out how probiotics can help!