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How soon after using Kids Feel Calm Gummy can we expect to see results?

Like with all supplements, every child’s response is unique. Allow up to two weeks to see results.

How is Kids Feel Calm Gummy different from Mommy’s Bliss Kids Sleep products?

Our Kids Sleep products are designed for occasional sleep support. Our Kids Feel Calm gummies may support your child’s sense of calm and relax their body. Sleep has melatonin, Kids Feel Calm does not.

Is the Kids Feel Calm Gummy habit forming?

No, our Kids Feel Calm Gummy formulation does not contain medication that could result in addictive consumption.

Is the Kids Feel Calm Gummy safe to give to my child daily?

Yes, our Kids Feel Calm Gummy is safe to give when following our recommended direction of use or advised by doctor. As with all supplements, consult your pediatrician prior to using them.

How does Kids Feel Calm Gummy make my child calm?

The sugar-free gummy contains Vitamin B6, Chamomile, Magnesium, and L-theanine. With Magnesium and L-theanine that support brain development, this gummy may support a sense of calm and relax the body*. Please follow the directions on the label.